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Keota Part 2 - Building 1

As we drove up what was once the main street in Keota, we stopped at the first house on the left. It was a small two-story home with a basement. We parked across the street and made our way to the dwelling. The weather was cool, and the sky was streaked with clouds, promising possible showers later in the day. For now, it was comfortable in a town that long ago struggled to provide enough water for its residents.

I turned on our EMF detector to see if there was any energy in the area, but it was quiet until we reached the front door. Once we were there, my daughter stepped foot into the entrance, and our EMF detector screamed loudly, instantly going from 0 to 2.2.

I spoke out loud to whatever spirit still inhabited the dwelling. At first, I received only silence. My daughter explored inside. Many jars. Many papers. The EMF detector continued to show energy pockets in an energy-absent house. As we determined it was time to leave the house and headed to the front door, there was a loud noise from upstairs. It was empty. We had looked and saw it was so. There was no wind. Where did the sound come from? I asked the air, "Why did this town cease to exist?" The answer came. "Weakness." We continued to explore the exterior of the house. Off to the side, we found an old microwave oven. When I expressed my surprise to find this, the word "Innovation" appeared on the screen. Later, as we explored the rear of the land behind the house, my daughter took a selfie. She walked up to me and showed me the photo. As she did so, the word "face" appeared on the screen—so many words to our various situations. In my next installment, I'll talk about the mysteries of Building 2.

And watch for more stories and photos to be included in my forthcoming book, "When Spirits Linger."

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