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Here are a few reviews that have been posted about my books, along with the links to allow you to see more!

The Color of Emotion - The first book in the Tokorel series

Can't put it down!  (5 stars)

By sdc1921 on January 2, 2014


I'd recommend this novel to anyone who love the science fiction genre and loves adventure. Well paced and thoughtful characterization throughout.

As a language arts high school teacher, I know this is one novel I can comfortably recommend to my students to read. I know it will engage the reader from page one and help that love of reading grow. As a reader who reads for the love of discovering new worlds, new adventures and meeting new characters - this novel does not disappoint!

I'm looking forward to the next book!

The Taste of Emotion - Book Two in the Tokorel Series

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The Sounds of Tomorrow
The Monster's Lap

‘The Monsters Lap’ isn’t a fun read by any means, but I couldn’t put the book down until I’d finished it. This fictional work is based on a true story of a little girl named Julie, her loving family, and Richard…the monster…

Read More: Review of 'The Monsters Lap' by Local Author Drew Bankston | http://k99.com/susan-reviews-the-monsters-lap-by-local-author-drew-bankston/?trackback=tsmclip

...it really sheds some light onto what an impact child sexual abuse has not only on the child but on the entire family system.  Lauren Haynes - Child Advocacy Center,                                                   Fort Collins, CO

Lines of Force

Travelling back in time and changing history is not a new concept. It is a well travelled road for science fiction writers, television executives and film studios alike. To do something new within the genre must be really hard, I like to think I’m a fairly bright individual but, every time I think of this subject, I find myself at dead ends and so when a new tweak on an old favourite comes along it’s a joy to find. This joy was delivered to me courtesy of my friends at Self Publisher’s Showcase with the new release from Drew Bankston, Lines of Force...


The Imagination Stone

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