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Exploring Model, Colorado

Model, Colorado, was first established around 1912. It was named because it was one of the first "planned" or Model communities. It was to be the shining example for cities to come! Sitting 5,617 feet above sea level, this once-thriving town is now a ghost town. Really! I had the opportunity to stop there briefly on April 22nd, 2024, and I want to return soon! There is so much more to see and explore! In the few minutes I was there, I took several photos and communicated with someone I believe to be a long-gone resident!

These are just a few buildings still standing in this ghost town. Old abandoned vehicles litter the grounds. I saw one home that looked as if perhaps someone lived there. Another building looked like squatters had taken up residence. But mostly, the old, weathered structures stand as a testament to the hard work of their former owners and a legacy to the populace of the town's past. However, What caught my attention and piqued my interest in going back was the response I received when asking if anyone still occupied this area and why everyone left. My meter was quiet, showing no activity until I asked that question. Then, the EMF values rose, and I received this response just before leaving:

After leaving here, I headed to the next town up the road, Tyrone, CO. I'll write more about what I found there and post additional photos. Be sure to watch for my book, "When Spirits Linger," coming sometime at the end of this year!

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Thank you for sharing!!!!! Such a cool find!

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