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Starry Sky

Khizara: Book 1 in the Tokorel Series

Science Fiction

Linsora Anselm is a Khizaran archeologist. She “hears” voices from the past, making her perfect for the job, but she’s stuck in prison after sticking up for her principles—that is, until a mysterious individual pays the guards to help her escape. How will she react when she discovers her champion is the devil incarnate?


When Permac breaks Linsora out of prison, he can’t understand why. He’s drawn to her… but she threatened to kill him more than once because she doesn’t trust his ability to sense and influence emotions. She believes he and his race are evil, and she could be right. 


Forced together, they journey through the cosmos in search of historical facts they (and the rest of the galaxy) thought were correct. They discover pockets of truth on faraway planets—as well as a 200-year-old prophecy that seems to intertwine Linsora and Permacs’ destinies. 


Through a galaxy of fate, love, deception, and the unknown, Permac and Linsora must learn to trust each other to protect their two worlds. Otherwise, the prophecy says war will annihilate everything in its path. 

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The Monster's Lap

Based on a True Story

Three-year-old Julie has a secret that she has been told NOT to tell. If she tells, her mommy will be hurt terribly. Secrets in the head of a three-year-old, however, are like thinking that the sun will forever hide behind the clouds. Eventually, they come out. And when Julie’s secret does come out it tears apart two families while bringing them closer together at the same time. “The Monster’s Lap” is a fictitious story based on a young three-year-old girl's real-life misfortunes and betrayals and the family that loves her. You will have an intimate look into the ups and downs of this family as well as the little-known process that goes on from discovery to the final verdict in court. Can a three-year-old express what has happened in her life enough to convince the District Attorney, or will the word of a thirty-year-old man be more believable? After all, who would believe a three-year-old?

Sounds of Tomorrow

Fiction/Murder Mystery

How would your life change if you heard sounds from the future?


Jessi McDonnell is a typical 18-year-old. Typical, that is, until she is involved in a bus accident.


On the way to the hospital, the paramedics realize she’s dying, and despite their efforts, she slips away. When they arrive at the hospital, moments later in the Emergency Room, the doctor on-call is able to revive her, and much to the surprise of everyone, she seems fine.


But Jessi begins noticing strange things happening in her life. She seems to be hearing things. Even more troubling, there are things that aren’t there. She wonders if she’s going crazy but soon realizes what she’s hearing are events that will happen 24 hours in the future.


She soon learns that keeping this ability a secret will save her from ridicule and keep her out of the state hospital, so she does her best to ignore those sounds until she hears a murder taking place. She now realizes she has 24 hours to find the clues leading up to the murder, convince her friends and the authorities that the murder will happen, and try to prevent it from taking place. All this without implicating herself or sounding insane!

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Coming Soon
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