Here are the books that I currently have available. I am working on more novels all of the time and will share those as they are published. For more updates, see my blogs on this site or check out my Facebook page. This Fort Collins author is ready to share some seriously good reading!

Drew Bankston - Fort Collins Author
The Eyes of Tokorel: The Color of Emotion (Book 1)


Permac Sude and Linsora Anselm come from the same race but different planets plagued with historical inaccuracies that cause them to be wary of each others’ intensions. Permac’s people, the Tokorellans, developed the ability to read and influence the emotions of others, while Linsora’s people, the Khizarans, never learned the secret. Permac constantly has to watch his back as Linsora’s knife wielding society has raised her to believe that the only good enemy is a dead one. However, circumstances force them to work together to discover what truly happened in the past, while outside forces attempt to stop their efforts. Clues throughout the galaxy lead them to realize that their respective governments have deceived their people for years. But to what end? A war could cause total annihilation of both worlds. As they attempt to trust each other, love eventually enters their lives. But when death enters the equation will the mystery be solved or will other forces win out?


Drew Bankston - Fort Collins Author
The Eyes of Tokorel: The Taste of Emotion (Book 2)


The adventure continues in book two of the Tokorel trilogy. Linsora has to depend on all of her skill and cunning as she is forcibly taken to Tokorel. Although her captor is bent on overthrowing the Tokorellan government, Linsora is hopeful of finding her Permac. Alive or dead, she needs to know. In a strange world where her emotions can be read by all and where she is considered to be a demon by the general population, can she win them over? Will she find Permac? Will she manage to escape one more time with her life?


The Sounds of Tomorrow



Jessi O'Donnell was your typical teenager, until a bus accident and head injury changed her life and allowed her to hear the sounds of traumatic events 24 hours before they happened! She has kept this ability a secret from everyone except her best friend, Erin. When she hears the sounds of a woman being murdered, she realizes that she has 24 hours to stop the murder, but how will she convince people that a murder will happen when she's the only one, besides the killer, who knows what is to come? With a twist ending, you'll be challenged to figure out how this one will end.


The Imagination Stone (2nd Edition)


Michelangelo did his best work in Rome. It was exciting and vibrant, unlike his works in Florence, which were much darker. It’s fabled that on his way to Rome, he found a magic stone that released his inner imagination. Once he left Rome this stone was, supposedly, lost. How would such a stone change your life? Tom Parker is about to lose everything thanks to his life long rival, Corbet Richards. But when Tom finds the legendary stone, his life turns around in magnificent ways! At the peak of his success, the stone is stolen. Will Tom be able to find the stone and save everything he’s gained, or will fate decree that he’s destined to lose?


Lines of Force: The Weekend Adventures of Andrew Barton


Andrew Barton is an ordinary man who, each weekend, stumbles into extraordinary circumstances. With a college degree in Agricultural Sciences but a job driving a forklift in a warehouse, Andrew, like many of us, finds that his release from the humdrum workweek comes through the tinkering in his garage on the weekends. Although his goals are directed toward other ends, he mistakenly travels through time, into other dimensions and even ends up taking his family and friends on a ride to a location that is the last place anyone ever wants to end up! Lines of Force will take you on adventures that you’ll never forget and want to enjoy time and time again. Let Andrew Barton take you along to unexplored territory in this book about mistakes becoming incredible exploits!


The Monster's Lap

ISBN 978-0-9886966-5-5


** For every copy that sells the author will donate $1.00 to the "28 Hours of Hope" charity to help prevent child abuse**


Three-year-old Julie has a secret, which she has been told NOT to tell. If she tells, her mommy will be hurt terribly. Secrets in the head of a three year old, however, are like thinking that the sun will forever hide behind the clouds. Eventually, they come out, and when Julie’s secret does come out it tears apart two families while bringing them closer together at the same time. “The Monster’s Lap” is a fictitious story based on the real life misfortunes and betrayals of a young three-year-old girl and the family that loves her. You will have an intimate look into the ups and downs of this family as well as the little known process that goes on from discovery to the final verdict in court. Can a three-year-old express what has happened in her life enough to convince the District Attorney or will the word of a thirty-year-old man be more believable? “I didn’t do anything. She can barely talk and any way, who would believe a three-year-old?”


cover Compass Society

Compass Society

ISBN 978====


The Compass Society will show you things that you never imagined were possible, and make you wonder if your "luck" is all that you thought it was...


Other books available only as Ebooks

There are two other books that I've written that are only available as Ebooks. 



                     "Dealing with the Healing: Recovering from Bell's Palsy"








the other is "365 Ways to Luv Life!" Find them on Amazon, ITunes, Barnes and Noble website and other fine online bookstores.