Drew's Biography

Born in California in 1954. When he was 14, his family moved to the East Coast where he lived in Maryland and Virginia over the span of 5 years. When his family moved back to California, Drew started travelling and lived from Texas to Idaho. He started writing articles for horse magazines and was published in both Horseman and the Appaloosa News. Eventually, Drew took a college level creative writing class which he aced before going off to Colorado State University to study Bio-Ag Science. After getting his Bachelor of Science degree, he struggled to find work in his field and after finding none that was stable, he ended up working for Wal-Mart for 7 years. From there, Drew went on to form his own video production company which he ran for 9 years.


Drew has seen this country and met its people. He knew that he had to begin writing when the stories in his head became so numerous that they had to escape on paper! Though he still runs a video production company, Star Painter Productions, his passion has always been writing. In addition to having been published in numerous magazines , having run a sci-fi magazine called Galactic Alliance and recently having published his seventh book, Lines of Force, Drew has also written a book on Bell's Palsy, and currently is writing more fiction stories, that will come out during 2014. Drew currently lives and works in Northern Colorado where he finds time each day to pursue his dreams of writing!