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Why do I write?

I've been writing since I was in second grade. In other words, I started a very long time ago. I love writing. I love telling stories. I love seeing imaginary places come to life in words. I love the looks on peoples' faces when I read my stories to them, or when they're sitting quietly and turning the pages in anticipation of the next few words, or another scene or to find out what will happen to their favorite character next. I love writing stories that you can't put down. I love hearing that you stayed up all night reading my stories because you couldn't wait to see where the story was going. I love to write and I love to see that you love what I write. It's my goal in life to create stories that you and your friends and their friends will read and talk about and want to see more of. I love to write. Did I say that already?


Caroline Tu Farley

Signing a copy of Tokorel 1 for fan Caroline Tu Farley in the Cosco Parking Lot

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